KT Academy Gladstone FAQ & Terms and Conditions

Do I get charged transaction fees?

No, as a business KT academy now absorbs all transaction fees for its customers.

What is the administration fee?

The administration and set-up fee is a ‘one-off’ payment of $15 and consists of the initial setup of the account for each person upon signup.

What does my child need?

Comfortable enclosed sports shoes, a hat, water bottle and racquet and sunscreen.  If you do not have a racquet, our coaches and Pro Shop staff will be able to lend you one temporarily. However we do sell these at a very reasonable price in our pro shop.

Who are our direct debit providers?

Ezidebit Health & Fitness Newstead are the Service Providers that we use to process our Fortnightly payments. This is the name that will show on your Bank Statements as the billing agent for your Tennis tuition fees. Ezidebit do charge fees for dishonoured payments to the customer and also KT Academy each time a payment dishonours.

What do I do if my child can't attend class?

We require 24 hours notice either by phone on 07 4972 2772 or email at manager@ktacademy.com.au if your child is unable to attend their session for you to earn a lesson credit. A medical certificate is required if insufficient notice is given.

Private lessons cancelled on the day they are scheduled are not eligible for lesson credit.

What happens in the event of rain?

Two wet weather lessons are catered for each term for wet weather. We offer a scheduled make up day on the Saturday/Sunday of Week 5 of each term as well as giving students the ability to book into another lesson any day during Week 10. To book into these simply call the Pro Shop on 5444 0033. This can vary depending on tournament scheduling etc.

How do I pay for classes?
We offer a convenient payment that provides payment of tennis tuition fees fortnightly from your nominated credit card or bank account. You can start your lessons at any time throughout the term/year and finish at any time. If you would like to finish, all we ask is when you would like to cancel that you provide us with 14 days written notice of your intention to do so.  
Payments will continue term to term year to year until you provide us with written authority to stop lessons. Payments will start and stop automatically during the School Holidays.